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How to Submit

Even though the magazine is a product of collaboration among schools, anyone in the general public may submit content. Submissions do not need to address the individual issue’s theme, as we seek to publish perspectives and experiences that cover all interests.

Global Vantage publishes an issue per academic year, and accept potential articles year round.


Descriptions of Magazine Sections:

1. On the Theme: directly responds to the issue’s theme or thematic question. These nonfiction pieces can be personal in nature.

2. Commentary: reflects the authors’ understanding of a situation, event, or human condition.

3. Experiences: capture moments of significance, whether big or small.

4. AcrossLongitudes: this section contains stories from various Chapters.

5. Fiction: share original works up to 1250 words per print issue; we serialize longer pieces.

6: Poetry and Art: share any original poetry or works of art; we publish as appropriate.

7. Photo Stories: present images that reveal truth, insight, or revelations that go beyond what words can capture. Each Photo Story contains 15-20 photographs with captions.

If you would like to submit an article, a captioned photograph, poem, short fiction, or other original piece, please use the following guidelines:


Written submissions:

1. Insightful anecdotes: 500-750 words

2. Informative essays: 1000-1500 words

3. In-depth exploration of an issue or topic: 2500 words max

4. Short or serialized fiction: 1250 words max per print issue; entirety published online

5. When possible, submit appropriate and relevant photographs and captions with the written piece


Non-written submissions:

1. Photograph: must include a caption (please stay under 50 words if possible).

2. Artwork: submitted electronically with highest resolution possible and must include caption. 

**PLEASE SUBMIT A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY ALONG WITH THE ARTICLE OR PHOTOGRAPH.  If you have previously submitted a biography, then submit only changes or updates.